Epic Cleaning And Restoration is a company dedicated to provide your family, home, office, or business with healthier living indoors with the latest state of the art technologies for your indoor air quality (IAQ) needs in Boston, such as professional mold testing, mold inspections, and mold remediation. We provide environmental consulting for a variety of needs in Natick such as breathing clean indoor air quality with a concern for health exposure of the air you breathe, and saving you thousands of dollars. We have been established since 2003 in the Framingham Massachusetts area covering Wellesley, Greater Boston, North and South Shore, Metro West, Worcester, and Western Massachusetts. We provide special assignments when called upon in disaster emergencies such as storms, flooding, sewage, hurricanes, etc. Mold species, black mold, toxic stachybotrys chartarum mold, mycotoxic allergies, odors, and other types of fungi and bacteria have become the "New Environmental Issue" of the 21st century. Epic Cleaning and Restoration, with a variety of networks, work to help this industry help you to become more aware of the mold fungi, mold inspection, mold remediation, mold removal, flood, disaster restoration, animal feces, indoor air quality testing, and more. As for the Cambridge MA region the vast amount of humidity, hurricanes, rain storms, snow storms, and floods have brought to light the need for professional mold inspectors, and mold testing in the microbial field. We utilize certified microbiology laboratories and specialist that use the latest state of the art technological equipment to detect mold in basements, crawlspaces, attics, hidden mold behind walls, floors and more. My name is Mario Olivares I am the President and a certified consultant of Epic Cleaning and Restoration. My background is extensive in the environmental field since 2001. At the time energy prices were high like they are today and renewable energy was desperately needed. When the Tax credits expired it set this industry back for several years. Currently, we utilize FLIR Thermal Infrared Imaging camera for heat loss, water leaks, flooding, and temperature differential for walls, ceilings, roofs, basement, broken pipes, moisture and mold detection. Currently I hold several certifications and continue studies in the environmental science field. As for current field experience I have personally conducted approximately 2500 mold inspections and assessments in the past 10 years not counting remediation. Using the latest state of the art equipment to detect myco-toxic –black mold. We do perform mold remediation and we do provide an objective evaluation with no conflict of interest. Our goal for our clients in Sudbury, is to help point you in the right direction and save homeowners/business owners at times thousands of dollars in unwanted mold remediation in Malden, and mold removal in Concord cost when it is not necessary and home mold test kits do not work!, they will give an inaccurate reading and it will affect your way of living because of it. When mold remedial scope of work is needed, we do recommend this procedure as well using EPA or IICRC S520 industry standard and guidelines for protocol for professional mold remedial cleanup in Waltham. Current Certifications: CMI #63014: Mold Inspection Consulting and Remediation Organization: MICRO CMRC# 62860 MICRO EPA Lead Certification # R-I-18867-10-01272 OSHA 10# 36-003711170 Water Damage Restoration-IICRC #133424 Massachusetts Home Improvement Contractor # 164835 Building Science: Flir Infrared Thermography, Moisture-Water Leak Detection Mold Inspections, Mold Testing, and Assessments for mold remediation projects if necessary. Insurance Claims, Insurance Adjusters for mold fungi investigations due to disaster restoration of flooding, hurricanes, water loss, Laboratories are Microbiological AIHA & EMPAT certified where samples analyzed.
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Schedule Service For appointments or questions please call or email us. Thanks Call 857-445-3557 Or 857-445-3556
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